The policy of our company, which operates within the scope of the Production and Sales of Ready-to-Assemble (Disassembled) Home and Office Furniture, is shared below.


Our unchanging principles: “System – Principle – Authority – Record” S.P.A.R. As a result of our commitment, we have continued to invest and develop our production capacity and products using raw materials that are environmentally and human health friendly, without compromising on the line of “the highest quality and most affordable furniture” from the day we were founded to the present day.

It is our principle not to use raw materials and chemicals that are harmful to the health of our employees and consumers at any stage of the production process, to ensure that all inputs are of the highest quality and in accordance with European Union norms, to meet the requests of our customers on time and in full, to increase our market share and competitive advantage without compromising on quality, to produce the most economical product by reducing costs, to deliver it within the specified time and to increase employee satisfaction.

In line with these principles;

  • Environmental performance and prevention of pollution
  • Elimination of hazards and reduction of occupational health and safety risks
  • Provision of safe and healthy working conditions to prevent work-related injuries and ill health
  • Ensuring the consultation and participation of employees and employee representatives
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements

It is our fundamental policy to continuously develop our organization-specific management system (created taking into account quality, environmental and occupational health and safety standards and legal legislation) by providing the necessary resources and contributing to the Turkish National Economy.

The Scope of the Integrated Management System

Sistema Grup Mobilya A.Ş. aims to create and manage an integrated system structure that is customer-focused, process-oriented, provides continuous improvement, emphasizes error prevention, reduces waste and variability in the supply chain, is sensitive to the environment and employee health, and ensures information security.